“The service pays for itself. We get more clients!”

- Nicholas Shoemaker

  • You are experiencing Very Low Conversions Rates.
  • You've invested in Advertising & New Website Designs but you still don't see a jump in new warm leads.
  • Marketing & Ad Costs are rising & you ought to see clear ROI in terms of new leads.

Change my life and get me chat!


U.S Based Agents

Our Live Answering Agents Are Proudly Based in the U.S.


Pay Per Minute Pricing

You Only Pay for the Minutes That We Take Calls For Your Business.


Flexible Call Scripting

You tell us the script you want to use & we follow it rightly.

Ditch The Voicemail & Let Us Turn Your Callers Into Customers

Here's What We Can Do For You

24/7 Answering Service

Our Live agents can answer your business calls just like an in-office receptionist but for a fraction of the price.

Message Taking

You can use our live agents as your personal assistant simply for the purpose of message taking.

Appointment Scheduling

Our live agents can book and manage appointments using your own calendaring service.

Lead Collection

Never miss a call lead again. Our agents will capture accurate contact info of every incoming call and notify you via email instantly.

Event Registrations

Hosting an event? Let our live agents handle the overhead of attendee registrations & other event-related calls.

Overflow Calls

Automatically forward callers to our agents when you're tied up on the other line.

After Hours Coverage

Callers should never get voicemail. Send them to our live agent when you can't be there to answer.

Call Transfers

When callers need to speak with you, our system makes it easy for us to transfer the call to you.

What Makes Our 24/7 Live Answering Service So Powerful?


We Become Your 24/7 front office. This will lower your administrative costs, streamline your time management and increase your profitability.

Seamless Experience

We'll patch calls to your office or cell phone, take your appointments and most callers won't know the difference.

Live & Friendly Agents

Our friendly live agents and proprietary call technology deliver excellent customer experiences representing your Brand.

Fast Answer Times

Most of our calls are answered in 3 rings.

24/7/365 Availability

No Matter what time of the day or year, we've got your covered round the clock.

Focus on Your Core

Our Service lets you focus on closing more clients & sales. We take care of your phone ringing.

Integrations With Top CRMs

Our System integrates with 500+ CRMs and Apps.

No Hidden Fees

We don't charge you anything except for the minutes that you use our agents for.

Cancel Anytime

No contracts. No installations. Cancel anytime.

Post-Paid Billing

You'll use our service first. Then we will send you a Post Paid invoice to pay.

Instant Notifications via SMS + Email

As soon as a call is complete, we'll send you a summary notification via email + SMS.

Ditch the Voice Mail

Your Customers will Never Hear your Voice Mail again. Every time they call, they will talk with a real human answering your phone.

Capture Every Lead

Every Single Call is an opportunity for your business to close more clients. We understand this and deliver exceptional service to capture contact info of callers looking for more info.

Real-time Call Summary Dashboards

You get access to Detailed call reports and account access available 24/7/365 via our Live Call Dashboard.

What Happens When You Don't Answer Your Business Phone

Your Potential Clients Don't Leave a voicemail & Slip Away to Your Competitor.

You Lose A Business Opportunity which hurts your revenue.

Your Voice Mail Gets Full And therefore callers Hang Up.

We Understand that Every Single Call Matters & We take it Seriously.

We are a lot more than just phone answering...

Warm Transfers

We can Warm Transfer Callers to Your Phone Based On a Criteria That You Set

24/7 Dedicated Texting Number

24/7 Dedicated Texting Number We can provide you with a Business Texting Number & Our Agents Can Respond to it in Real-time 24/7

24/7 Live Chat Staffing

We can Answer Live Chats On Your Business Website 24/7.

Get Started & Setup Your Number in 3 Steps(Takes less than 24 Hours to Be Up & Running)

1 Sign up

Sign up for a 7-day Free Trial.

2 Submit Script

Submit Your Call Script

3 Go Live

Receive Your Dedicated Call Number & Go Live

1,000+ Businesses in U.S & Canada rely on CallAnswer24 to handle their calls 24/7 provides a professional service compared to any other call answering service in the market. We've seen a significant increase in the number of leads since we handed over our customer support to them. We are able to bring in new business as we really don’t have to worry about our calls now. We highly recommend them!


Mark Stubblefield Founder & CEO - StubGroup

I started using their service for a Client and was so impressed that I added it to my own business as well! I continue to be completely blown away at how friendly and professional they are. Most importantly, they are available every minute and don’t miss any calls helping me to close new deals. Happy to have them on board.


Kasim Aslam Owner - Solutions 8

CallAnswer24 is a service designed for

  • Real Estate Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Digital Agencies
  • Service Providers
  • Medical
  • Tech & Manufacturing
  • E-commerce
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Plumbing & Electric

& almost any American Business that understands the Massive Potential of every incoming call.

Transform Your Business Phone Engagements & Never Miss a Call Again

What is Your Pricing

Our Pricing is Pay Per Minute. Click here to Live Chat with our Agent now and get your pricing.

Can you answer my phone during certain business hours only?

Of course! Just forward your calls to your dedicated number that we'll give and we will take care of the answering.

Where are Your Agents Based?

Our Agents are based in the U.S.

We're available 24/7

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